Processing modules are organized and accessed via the right-hand panel in the darkroom:


Click on the icons at the top of this panel to reveal, from left to right,

quick access quick access panel
A customizable panel allowing quick access to commonly-used module controls.
module-group-active-icon active modules
A group containing the modules that are currently active in the pixelpipe.
module groups
One or more groups of processing modules. These groups are user-defined but some default groupings are provided as presets.
presets menu
A menu that allows you to access stored module layout presets and create your own (via the “manage presets..” option).

Click once on a module group icon (including the active group) to show only the modules in that group. Click a second time to show all available modules.

You can change which widgets appear in the quick access panel, and which modules appear in the module groups, by right-clicking on the appropriate icon.


Below the module group icons is the search bar, which you can use to access any of the processing modules, regardless of whether they are currently in a group. Some modules have additional tags stored against them, which will also be queried when searching.