metadata editor

Edit the metadata (title, description, creator, publisher, rights etc.) of selected images.

🔗module controls

metadata entry fields
A separate field is displayed for each metadata item. Hold Ctrl while scrolling with your mouse to increase the height of a field. Press Ctrl+Enter to insert a new line. Press Enter to apply any text entered in the current metadata field to the selected images. Double-click on a field’s label to delete the contents of that field.
Apply new settings, from the metadata entry fields, to the selected images.
reset button
Delete existing metadata from the selected images.


The “preferences…” option in the presets menu brings up a dialog where you can configure how metadata is handled within darktable. For each metadata item, two check boxes allow you to restrict how metadata is handled:

Show or hide this metadata field. Hidden fields will not be displayed anywhere in darktable and will not be included in exported images.
Keep this metadata field private. Private fields will be displayed within darktable but will not be included in exported images.

Fields with both options are unchecked will be displayed within darktable and included in exported images.