raw overexposed warning

Highlight areas of the image where color channels of the raw input file are clipped.

Clipped color channels imply an overexposed image with loss of information in the affected areas. Some of this information may be recoverable using the highlight reconstruction, color reconstruction or filmic rgb modules.

Click on the raw overexposed icon to show/hide the warning overlay. Right-click on the icon to open a dialog containing the following configuration parameters.

Choose how to mark clipped areas:
  • mark with CFA color: Display a pattern of the respective primary colors (red, green, and blue) to indicate which color channels are clipped.
  • mark with solid color: Mark clipped areas with a user defined solid color (see below) independent of the affected color channels.
  • false color: Set clipped color channels to zero in the affected areas.
color scheme
Choose the solid color for the mark with solid color mode.
clipping threshold
Set the threshold defining what values are considered to be overexposed. You can safely leave this slider at its default value of 1.0 (white level) in most cases.